Need Volunteers for Allipuram Foundation

If you are between jobs, IT professional who would like to contribute to the society, a student on vacation, a pensioner, a housewife or if your organization promotes or supports voluntary work you could look at helping Allipuram Foundation achieve the goal of getting every child in school and learning well. Volunteers need not have any prior experience and just need to love children and believe that they can make a difference to Society.

If you wish to volunteer, kindly drop a line at allipuram@gmail.com with your details.

Volunteers Info

Volunteers are the pillars for Allipuram Foundation. We salute them for their contribution to Society. Our team of motivated volunteers, who are spread all over India, are available for any social cause around them. We need as many volunteers as possible to take up many activities on behalf of Allipuram Foundation.

  • Volunteering is a dedicated job at Allipuram Foundation. If you have social commitment and willing to help people who are in need, you are the one we need.

  • We need volunteers in various fields, Education, Medical, for Emergency situations or simply for creating awareness. If you are willing to volunteer, we take all the details about you, and keep your profile with us. You will be asked to take up programs within your specialised and interested areas. But, irrespective of your specialised skills, you can always do something when somebody is in need. If you cannot help somebody directly, then, you must refer the problem to your regional co-ordinator or a board member in your reachable area, who can take care of the situation.

  • One of your major tasks is to oversee the growth and progress after helping a person in need. More than financial help, your moral help, support and timely advice works really great for them. After you help somebody, make sure you are reachable to them, and try to be in touch with them until the person in need can stand on his/her feet.

  • Your biggest task is to create awareness about charity, help and social responsibility. Every human being can help others if they find the right situation, environment and get an opportunity to help. Your responsibility is to create such environment and explain people how they can help.

  • Allipuram Foundation volunteers must keep their personal beliefs such as Religion, Caste, Community etc. to themselves and should be respectable to others personal beliefs. Volunteers should be willing to work with anybody in any community without prejudice.

Involvement of Volunteers

Volunteers at Allipuram Foundation get involved in varied ways. They:

  • Help at medical camps
  • Identify the needy & take ownership of Foundation Projects/Programs
  • Assist in teaching
  • Mentor children
  • Take Free Classes
  • Help at the art class and in other programs
  • Collect and donate materials for Allipuram Foundation
  • Conduct Classes, workshops, Training Classes
  • Make worksheets and other educational aids
  • Organize special events for the children
  • Assist with administrative tasks in the office
  • Create Collaterals, Content, Graphics & Information for NGOs

We are looking for volunteers who share our vision and believe in the potential of individuals


Volunteerism or volunteer services have been part of virtually every civilization and society. Defined in broader terms it is the contribution made by individuals in terms of quality time, specialized skills, fiscal support etc. without expecting or demanding anything in return. This may entail varied shades and actions ranging from well-being of their neighbour, community or the society at large. However, the fact that volunteering efforts help save so much of expenditures otherwise a non-profit organization has to incur, which could be utilized directly for the Welfare activities at the grassroots level.

If you wish to volunteer, kindly ping us at allipuram@gmail.com with your details or buzz Mr. ARS Reddy at 9949762000 or 9866269362